Monday, October 30, 2006

Moneyed Capital = Lesson No 1. Let the Money Work for You

My Moneyed Capital Idea seems to match the above lesson that the famous author wrote. After finished listening and digesting to the audio of Rich Dad, Poor Dad that I still keeps playing it whenever I am in my car (Car is my Second University now - Make it Your as Well). I heard some people comment differently from each others regarding the point that the author trying to conveyed to us. Some saying that guy asking all of us to become own boss or investor then who will be the workers? (imagine in the economy where all were boss) and some said that the lesson that guy mentioned will only apply in US only.

Back to reality, I will like to ask 10 out of 10 ordinary workers how many dared to break their routine 9-5 job to become own boss or investor? How many will take the risk if they already in comfortable position in reputable MNC? (Multi-National Company). I guess probably if we managed to get to know 2 out of 10 them who dared will be good enough because I believe 8 out of 10 would not dared to take the challenge and risks to become own boss.

I am not promoting everyone to jump to the bandwagon because it will take careful planning and certain qualities to become own boss; but do not take it too long by dragging it using excuses after excuses to break out from the norm. (Frankly, I also do not have all the quality) My intention here were to point out that the author want us to understand that to become successful or rich will required you to become your own boss. Due to the environment we see only 2 who dared to come out become boss while 8 remain as workers. As for that; 2 of them might be successful and live life financially independent, while those asking that question who will be the workers; remain worker.


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