Thursday, October 26, 2006

DAY 1 - August 2001

My journey as the entreprenuer began as soon as I entered the emploment or business world. Equiped with my Degree in Marketing graduated locally from the 3+0 program. I was persuaded by a proxy to take up the 10% share while he and another partner takes 45% each. At that point I already being offered job as Marketing Executive for one of the packaging material factory within the walking distance from my house that offer latest technology in Packaging Business with Lian Bee as its 1st Customer. The packaging product was brilliant, however I turn down the job and taken up the challenge to become entrepreneur was partly by the proxy influences. The other half was my vision for the 3 industry that has high resistant over the changes in the economy which I envisioned during one of my economy class (Healthcare, Logistics and Information Technology Industry) inelastic demand.
The IT business cruise was fine for us with the proxy and my efforts, our company making a pool of 300K over its 2 year operation. However the nightmare begun when I aware the other partner begin acting suspiciously and then I realised that the ownership paperwork was not done properly it already far too late for both of us. Me and my proxy was taken a ride by this CONMAN which later only offer to part with us for a mere 40K. This so called businessman going touch 4 decade age with rich financial background has shown his ugliest side. After consulting lawyer and company secretary we realise that not much we can do against him we decided to turn down the offer eventhough we could not take legal action against him. This was following my brother in law advice, 40K to learn the lesson and most importantly buy that fellow conscience (Yan Kak) and guilt of his life (dunno whether he have or not !!!) put our stress and pressure down under the sea bed.
Before this my proxy can suddenly awaken from sleep in the wee hour confessed by his wife complaining to her losing 90K by a silly documentation mistake causing all his effort down the drain and the money straight into the CONMAN pocket was really taxing him rock solid hard (Entreprenur out there beware). Afterall life still go on for us luckily and brighter in DAY 2.


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